Drag and Drop interaction complications

Dec 31, 2017

Hi there,

I'm trying to create an interaction activity with drag and drop. In version A it looks good and behaves properly but I wanted the drag Items to change state and look smaller when dragged onto the targets.  So version B, I added triggers and changed states and now one of the drag items won't stay in position and the interaction only gives an incorrect response.  If you need me to share the file I can but it would need to be done in a private mode if possible.

Oh, big piece of info, the drag items are multiple images that are grouped together, hence needing to add some triggers and change states.  I'm sure it's my triggers that are the problem.

Thank you for your help with this.

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Walt Hamilton

I'm not sure it is the triggers.  Unless you are writing triggers to do what the built-in triggers do ( Change state to hover when mouse hovers over, etc.) it is more likely that the groups are causing the problems. Groups don't play nicely with drag and drop, triggers, states, or ...  Using several objects to form a state can be tricky, too, as the states will act differently depending on how they are created.

If I were you, my first trouble shooting step would be to create one item for the dragged objects, and every one of their states. One way to do that is to select all the objects, right-click, and save as picture. If you still have the problem while using a single picture for the object and its state, then is the time to start looking at triggers.

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