Drag and Drop Interaction

I've created a drag and drop interaction for our store coordinators. In this interaction the user must drop the makeup table items (hamburger line in restaurant) to the correct pans. I am allowing them unlimited chances as this is not a graded question. However, I would like to have the items return to their former positions if the user clicks Try Again.

How do I trigger that? I've attached an image of the slide. The drag and drop works great...it's the put them items back to their original places that I don't know how to do.

Any input would be appreciated.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Barry! If the user will not be reviewing this slide, I would advise to set the Slide Properties to Reset to Initial State and use a trigger on the Try Again button to Jump back to the same slide.

If you wish it to be more 'real time' prior to submission, you can set the Drag and Drop Options to Return to start point if dropped outside a correct drop target.