Drag and Drop Interaction - How to make learners finish before submitting

May 10, 2022

Would love your feedback on this sorting task, if you're interested! The one thing I really don't like on it is that a user can click done and move on without completing the activity. Do you have ideas for how I can go around this? I was guessing I'd use conditions but couldn't figure it out how to make it work.



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Vi Tamargo

This is so awesome, thank you! Now, it doesn't allow me to submit the task in general! Uh oh! Is there something different I have to set with the trigger? I have it currently set to submit  interactions when the button is clicked with conditions if each picture is "dragged over." Is that right?

Yvonne  Griffith

I think that can work but I'd need to see how you have everything set up. Feel free to share your project file if you want me or someone else to have a look to help! 

Here's a not pretty example I mocked up. I had set mine up to have the submit button disabled until the number of drags needed was reached because I didn't want people trying to submit until they are done. I have 4 boxes so I set the number of drags to 4. When I'm working with variables, I like to add a reference box to show what my variable is currently doing. That often helps me with troubleshooting. I remove it when I publish the final file. 

Yvonne  Griffith

So I believe the issue is that the states for your objects aren't actually changing so there's nothing that is driving your trigger's If Statement to work. 

I think for that to work properly, you'd need to add triggers that would change the state of the object when it is dropped correctly. I've attached a screenshot of a trigger example. 


Yvonne  Griffith

For the purposes of troubleshooting, I made a couple of changes to your file. I removed some of the cards so I could just test to make sure the mechanics were working as expected. I also added checkmarks to the drag correct states so I could verify that the states were changing. 

You had setup the triggers to change the states and the conditions on the Done button correctly! There just wasn’t anything in the file to show that the Done button was doing its thing, so I added a results slide and a trigger to go to it so I could make sure the Done button was submitting properly. I had to make some changes in the Question properties to make that work. 

Going back to your original question of preventing folks from submitting too soon, I added a trigger to disable the done button when the slide starts (and changed the color on the disabled state to grey so I could make sure it was working). I tried setting it up that the Done button would change to enabled when the states of the objects were all correct but that was messy and not working for me. I switched it to the Done button became enabled once the last object was moved over. 

Hope that helps!