Drag and Drop Interaction Not Working

Nov 12, 2023

Hello! I would appreciate assistance in determining why my freeform drag and drop interaction is not working. I've done drag and drops before, but I can't find the problem here. Project snip-it attached.

Thank you, Sheila

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Ron Price

I think it was a combination of both -  the state design and the over-triggering.  There are several states that are built in that do not need triggers to perform their actions.  https://articulate.com/support/article/Articulate-Storyline-360-Definition-of-Built-In-States

It is a common problem we see and have to remind attendees in our classes about the built-in states.

The drag-and-drop states are a little trickier since they are only automatic in quizzing.  If you were using these on a different type of slide then you would need to create the triggers.

Sheila Murphy

Okay, I figured out where my problem was....and is again! I did something wrong with the objects that needed to be dragged, that was causing them not to drop properly on the slide. 

In order to get the objects to be placed in order, all I could figure out was to show them one at a time, the learner drags them and then the next one appears. So I moved each object to the center of the blue bar and now my objects what drop properly. What am I doing wrong? How do you get the drop correct to....drop correct?

Sorry.....I have lost too much time on this slide and am now at my witts-end!

Thank you!