Drag and drop with multiple similar drag items into multiple drop targets in a simple way.

Sep 15, 2017

Hi everyone...

Here is the drag and drop interaction where we have to drag similar items ( i.e X and O) into the tabular formed drop target. There are 16 drop targets and 12 drag items. Each drag item X should be dropped on any of the 16 drop targets but, inorder to write the drag n drop interaction it becoming too lengthy and complicated. so, I tried to group the drop targets but still its not working. I have sent you the .story file and also the image of the correct interaction that I need. Could any one please try to resolve my issue and find a solution for this... Hope I'm clear .....



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janaki devi

Hi Alyssa..

Thanks for your response...Yes.. let me be more clear. I will send you the image of the correct drag and drop interaction. Yes, I want all the X's and O's to be dropped anywhere on the boxes and if the X's and O's are dropped in the format that I have sent you in the image then  I should get the correct feedback and if they are dropped anywhere else should be the wrong feedback. Hope you got my point..

Thank you


Wendy Farmer

Hi Janaki

see if the attached works for you.   I duplicated your slide, removed the freeform dnD and recreated it as a Pick One using two offstage buttons Correct/Incorrect.

At the moment all the x's work if they are dropped on any of the A1-A4, B1-2, C1-2 but will snap back if dropped on column D. Same with the o's they will work if dropped any space of Column D but will snap back if dropped on A, B or C.  If you wanted them to be able to be placed as incorrect you'd need to add a drop incorrect state with all the triggers.

hope this helps or gives you an idea.


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