Drag and drop interaction problem with snapping on non-question slide

I am trying to create a graded question, which features a drag&drop interaction. The user has to place an object (a pin) on an image. Two areas are correct, so there are 2 possible, correct drop targets, which are hotspots. When it's dropped outside of one of those 2 hotspots, it's wrong.

There is no default option in Storyline for this scenario, so I have solved this by creating a True/False question. I hid the true/false options under a white shape so it's not visible. Then I and added some triggers:

  • Change state of radio button 2 "false" to Selected when the timeline starts (slide trigger)
  • Change state of radio button 1 "true" to Selected when the user drops the pin on one of the correct drop targets.
  • Change state of radio button 2 "false" to Selected when the user drops the pin on "Picture" (this is the full image). (Without this last trigger, the "true" radio button would still be selected when the user would first drop the pin in the correct spot, then would change his mind and place it on a wrong location.) 

The problem I have, is that the drag item keeps snapping to the middle of the picture. How to I prevent it from snapping to the centre? I want the pin to land wherever I release it. I want to avoid having to create two dozen 'fake' target area's.

I don't have all the drag&drop options which you normally have in a freeform drag&drop question, because it's not a drag&drop question but a True/False question.


Anyone have any idea how to solve my snapping problem? Thanks so much in advance :)

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Sara Swier

Hi Christophe,

Thanks so much for your reply. But unfortunately the Drag&drop options are not available when the question type is different, in this case: a True/False question. The options are only available when it would be a Drag&Drop interaction.

I solved it now by creating a large hotspot which covers the whole slide, named it 'wrong area', and added a hover-over trigger which sets the question to 'false' when the object hovers over the wrong area. And to 'true' when the object hovers over the right area (which, of course, sits on top of the large, wrong area-hotspot).

When the object only has hover-over-triggers, it doesn't snap to the centre.