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Jan 25, 2016

Hola everyone! 

I'm pretty new to Storyline. I created a drag and drop question in Storyline 2. I have it set to whenever the user drops an object in the correct box, it'll turn green and an incorrect drop will turn red. 

Pretty basic stuff. 

But, I also have "false drops." They're answers that do not belong to any drop target. Those objects will also turn red if the user drops them into a drop target. If a user places a "false drop" object outside of a drop target it returns to original position and its Normal state. However, if a user drops a correct object outside of any of the drop targets, it turns red. I attached an image for clarification. 

I would like all of my drop targets to snap back to their original position (which they do) and their original state (which only the wrong answers do) when dropped outside a drop target. Is that possible? I attached a copy of the slide as well. The correct answers are: Greet, Understand, Eye Contact, Speed, and Thank You. 

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