Drag and drop issue

Jul 08, 2020

Hi - I created a drag and drop slide a couple of weeks ago which was working perfectly. Settings were:


The client has asked for me to add feedback on the incorrect layer to show the correct and incorrect answers. As I am short on space I have added checkmarks  on the incorrect layer, next to the text that relates to the drop items, which change to either a tick or a cross based on a trigger on the base layer - change checkmark 1 to Incorrect when state of drop item 1 is Drop Incorrect etc. I have used the inbuilt Drop Incorrect state. These triggers are not working correctly and I have now lost the Reveal drag items one at a time (even though it is still ticked) and have lost the ordering of the drag items (even though the list is still showing as before). My trigger to submit the interaction is on the last drag item being placed on either the correct or incorrect target. As I have lost the ordering - this now comes up as the first drag item and submits the interaction but without the correct effect on the check marks. I have tried adding a submit button and changing the trigger to work on that but it still has no affect on the checkmarks. I am hoping this is something obvious I am missing but I did install the new version of Storyline 360 last night (July 7, 2020 (Build 3.41.22509.0) and the original course was built with an older version (May 19, 2020 (Build 3.40.22208.0). Please can somebody take a look at my files to see if they can spot the issue. I don't want to upload them here as they are client sensitive so can you send me a link to upload them please? Many thanks.

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