Drag and Drop State When Return to Start Point

Dec 05, 2023

Good afternoon, 

When working on a drag and drop question style I added 'drag correct' and 'drag incorrect' states to each of my drag items. When the items are dragged to the corresponding drop target they behave as expected, and when the drag items are dragged away from the drop target they return back to their normal state. 

However, when the items are not dragged, such as if there is a drag item currently on the drop zone and I drag another one over it, when the item returns to its start point it keeps the drag correct/incorrect state instead of going back to its normal state. 

I've tried various options, and one that seems to work a bit is setting the state of each item to normal when the user clicks outside of that specific item. However, when the user submits the question the item, in the drop zone at this point, returns to its normal state and does not keep its drag correct/incorrect state. 

I've also tried adding a trigger to the correct layers to keep the drag item with the drag correct state if it is in the drop zone, and it seems to do so, but ultimately I would want that feature to work for all of the drag items, whether correct or incorrect. 

I would greatly appreciate any help or insight into this. Thank you.

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Eric Santos

Hello Yazia,

I'm sorry for the trouble with your project! I appreciate the detailed description of the issue and I'm happy to help investigate.

It would be helpful to see the Storyline file and how the drag-and-drop options and objects are set up to understand why the issue is happening. Do you mind attaching your project to this discussion? You can also share it privately in a support case; we'll delete it when we're done testing!