Drag and Drop issue

Dec 31, 2020


I am having issues with several of the drag and drop slides I have inserted in my course. The first few drag and drop slides work properly but subsequent drag and drop slides do not work (it wont even let me drag the object). I have also tried creating a new object (not yet used in the course) to drag (just as a test) and it still will not let me drag the object in those subsequent drag and drop slides. I have even created a new scene with a drag and drop slide the object is not draggable (if I have already completed previous slides with drag and drop interaction). However, if visit the drag and drop slide in the new scene first, the slide works properly but then subsequent drag and drop slides do not work (object is not draggable). Is there a limit to how many drag and drop slides can be used in a course? Thank you for any ideas you have on potential ways to resolve this.

(Please note, I am not able to send the file due to sensitive content).  

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