Drag and drop issue

Dec 17, 2019

Hello community,

I am having this specific issue. I have created a free-form drag and drop interaction with 4 drop rectangles as drop places. The problem is that whenever an object is placed by the user on the incorrect drop places instead of the correct one, it automatically gets placed onto the correct one. This only happens if the user places the object on the left drop place which is incorrect instead of the correct one. If it places the object on the right drop place instead of the correct drop place, the object correctly returns to the start point.

The drag and drop options are

" Return item to start point if dropped outside" : a correct drop time

"Snap dropped items to drop target: " : tile (allthough i have tried almost everything).

I have even tried hotspots instead of rectangles but problem still persists. I also uploaded the .story file and the raw.jpg which indicates the correct drop places 

https://360.articulate.com/review/content/b3ca7980-106a-4d23-aa19-ab50489d9098/review (link to project)

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Katie Riggio

Hi, Teo. Thanks for sharing what you're seeing!

I previewed the course in Storyline 360, Update 35, and viewed your hosted output. I also see certain objects getting placed into the correct spot automatically during preview as well as Review 360–here's a short video of my test. So strange! 

Your settings look great, so I'd like to consult with our Support team for further troubleshooting. I've have created a case on your behalf, where you'll hear back from someone soon. I'll follow the case, as I'm also curious!

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