Drag and Drop issue when same drop target is designated for both drag items

Sep 13, 2019

So I have a simple drag and drop where a learner picks between 2 code blocks and drags their choice onto a database icon and then gets feedback.

It's working fine except in the scenario where both options are correct (i.e., both drag items have same drop target). In that scenario, when you drag either item, it's not recognizing either answer as correct.

I thought maybe there had to be a wrong answer so I experimented with decoy drag items and even decoy targets, but to no avail.

Soon as I switch one drag item to have no drop target, it all works fine. But I need both answers to be treated corrected.

What am I missing here?  Going nuts! Thanks! Mike

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Jerry Beaucaire

You're creating a custom question type.  To do that, you use a basic question type, like TRUE/FALSE, then use a created interaction over the top of that question.  In this environment, you're in complete control using triggers, and when one of the things you want finally occurs, you can secretly set the question to TRUE and submit it as correct.

We just talked about this exact same thing over here in this discussion.   Give it a try.

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