drag and drop issues and link exercise to next scene

Apr 27, 2017

Hi,  I'm very new at SL2 and creating my first course.  I am working on a drag and drop exercise I created from the D&D question function.

I have 5 items, and was able to set up the correct targets for each. My issues are with:

- Only the wrong answers should snap back in their original spaces

- The user keeps trying until all answers are in their correct spots

- The user moves to the next scene after the exercise is completed

I would like to put an attachment to show what I've done so far, but I don't know how to publish only a part of my project.

Any help is appreciated

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Walt Hamilton

Question 1: Select your options here:


Question 2: Set to unlimited attempts


Question 3: On the Correct layer, attach a trigger to the Continue button


To attach part of a project, start a new project, add slides by importing from SL. By default, all slides are selected for import. Choose Select None, then pick the individual slides you want.. Save and ATTACH.

Viviane Frenette

That was so simple! Thank you!

Now I have another issue.  I need to add something preventing the user from jumping to the next slide if they haven't completed the exercise.

I have attached the slide I'm working on. This slide is the last from a scene, so it needs to jump to the next scene when all said is done.

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