Media on Drag and Drop activity will STOP/PAUSE while attempting 2 or so attempt

Jul 15, 2021

Hi All,

I've one quick question, I've created one of the "Drag and drop quiz" and I've given 3 attempts to the users. Drag and drop activity resets after the first and second attempt to the original state when user click "Try again".

So my query is that I've also added the audio. For ex " A1.mp3" i.e.  Here’s an interesting activity. Drag and drop the relevant challenges to their respective categories to learn more about them. You will get three chances. ".

So I want when use try to attempt his 2nd or 3rd attempt he audio  "A1.mp3" will not play again.


I tried adding multiple triggers to stop the audio but seems because of the condition on the base layer "When Revisiting: Reset to Original State" my audio is playing again while 2nd, 3rd and so... attempt.


Please advise how I can stop the audio so it will not play again while attempting 2 and 3 attempt.


Thank you,

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