How to reset Drag an Drop options and not replay audio

Apr 13, 2023

Hello! I am working on a drag and drop activity. When the user click "try again" if they get the activity wrong, I would like for the slide to reset the drag and drop pictures but not play the audio again. Tried doing a T/F variable with the audio, but I think setting my base layer to reset to initial state when returning is messing with that. Seems like I can only either reset the drag and drop and the audio plays again, or the audio plays again and the drag and drop doesn't reset. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

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Carolyn Kunz

Hi Nathan,

You're on the right track with the T/F variable.  

  1. Create a T/F Variable for the narration.
  2. Create a trigger that plays the audio when the timeline starts if the narration = F.
  3. Create a trigger to set narration to True with the timeline starts.

I've attached your updated SL file so you can see how I did it.