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Mar 06, 2016

I'm trying to make an interaction where the learner would drag the appropriate coins to a table to make the correct amount of change. I had originally created the interaction with a text entry box where the learner would just enter the correct amount of change, but I would like to more realistically simulate how waitresses/waiters make change by counting up.

I want to be able to use the same coins multiple times. For example, if making change from $40 for 35.60, I want the user to be able to drag two toonies ($2), one quarter, one nickel and one dime to the table.

The learner could also drag four loonies ($1), and four dimes.

Any ideas on how I can accomplish this.

  1. To use coins multiple times
  2. To allow correct multiple solutions

Any ideas would be appreciated.



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Lance Treloar

Hi Meaghan

You could add multiple instances of each coin, placed on top of each other, so that when one is moved, the next is visible. 

For multiple solutions, use variables based on value - assign each coin a value that, when dragged to the change mat, adds its value to another variable.  Add another set of variables to the submit button - if varible equals correct value, show layer correct, if vaiable does not equal correct value, show layer try again.

Have attached a rough example.  There are 4x $1, 2x $2 and 2x $5.  Each assigns its value to variable Value1 when dragged to the mat.  The submit button changes a second variable, Change, to true if Value1 equals 7 (the correct answer).  If Change = T, show Correct layer, if Change = F, show try again layer.

A little rushed in example and explanantion, but hope it is of some help

Christie Pollick

Hi, Meaghan -- Thanks so much for reaching out with your question! I see that Lance has replied with some advice, and I'd also like to share a link to a similar question he answered for another community member over here in this thread. You may also find this post on counting change to be a source of inspiration, as well. 

And if you'd like to share your file so that others can get a better idea of how things may currently be set, please upload here, or you are welcome to post over in our design-related forum for additional feedback. :)

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