Drag and drop 'none' option not triggering correct response

Aug 10, 2013


I am having a problem with the 'none' drop target on one slide.

The difference between this and other similar drag and drop slides is this drag and drop has only 1 correct target (the other should remain empty when answered correctly.

I have 7 drag items, 2 of which should be placed in 1 target zone and nothing in the other 'box' to get the correct response. i.e. 5 drag items have 'none' set as their drop target.

The problem is that when the correct 2 are placed in the right box, you can place 1 or all the 'none' drop target items in the other 'wrong' box and it returns a 'correct' response.

It is as if it ignores the 'none' and is only registering the drag items which have an allocated drop zone other than 'none'

Can anyone help me solve this?

Many thanks!

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Debbie Kay

Hi Phil

Thanks for your reply!

Here is a screenshot of how it is set up, I hope it helps.

I have several other similar ones working as expected, they all have at least one drag item per drop zone.

I am guessing the problem is one of the zones should remain empty - but am at a loss as to what changes to make to achieve this.

Debbie Kay

Hi Phil


The other similar questions work with (None) in some drag items i.e. they trigger correctly a 'Try again' answer if dropped in either target area, as they do not belong in either one. 

In those questions, however both boxes (drop targets) have at least 1 drag item in when correct. 

I guess this is the crunch factor, as in this question, the 2nd target should remain empty for the answer to be correct.

Thanks for taking the time to post and to think on how to achieve this

Katherine Manis

My team is experiencing a similar issue.

If (None) is selected the drop target reads as correct if the user does not touch it; however, if the user changes their mind about the response and moves it back to its origin, it reads as incorrect.

We'd like to prevent this in the future, so any advice for a fix or a workaround would be greatly appreciated.

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