Drag and Drop Object not Appearing in HTML5 for Storyline 2

Jan 12, 2015


     A customer pointed out that none of the drag and drop interactions in any of my lessons work correctly in the html5 output.  Basically, the objects are not appearing on the screen.  This was not an issue in Storyline 1.  Nothing really changed on these slides except for text updates.  The triggers and variables have always remained the same.   I have attached copies of both versions.  

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Emily Ruby

Hello Brian!

I opened your Storyline 1 file with Storyline 2 and was able to see the objects in a published output for HTML5. Can you test the output here? If you have issues like this in the future you could try importing the file into a new file, or you may need to follow the steps listed here.

Brian Seaman

Hi Emily.

I was able to remedy this situation in a roundabout way.  Basically, I removed the free transform option from the slide and then put it back on it.  What i did notice is that when I removed the free transform from the slide is that I was still able to drag and drop the objects... I thought that was the reasoning behind removing it.  However, if I created a new object on the screen and tried this I could still drag and drop all of the objects except the newly created one.  As a note, all of these lessons were upgraded from SL1 to SL2.  I have a similar ticket in with you about the word bank free transform not working correctly in html5.  

I have included a test file.  I am curious to see if you are able to reproduce the functionality of still being able to drag and drop objects once the free transform has been removed from a SL1 upgrade.  That might be worth looking into if you it's not just me. :) 

Thanks for your time and have a great day.  

Emily Ruby

Hello Brian!

 I tested this file and was able to see everything working as designed in the HTML5 output as well. As far as the items still being able to be dragged when removing the freeform option, that happens because of the triggers you have set up. The items are set to change to hidden when dragged on an object which would make them drag-able in the slide.

Attached is a very basic slide set up using the same triggers that is not a freeform question.

let me know if this helps!

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