Drag and drop problem

Hello all,

Not sure if there is a fix to this, but thought I'd take it to the community.

I have a visual element made up of 9 individual graphic.  I was hoping to use this graphic as the source for a drag and drop interaction, but as you can see the graphic placeholders overlap making it hard to select some of them.

Is there a way to have the placeholders conform to the shape of the graphic, or do I need to redesign the slide to make it work.

The element is a big part of the learning, and would like to keep the look and feel if possible.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Ari Avivi

Actually Walt they are already 9 seperate graphics, the problems are the image 'fields' are still squares and not snug with the acutal image but encompassing the graphc and as such overlap.


I've attached the source file for reference.  It is still in the early slap and tickle phase so forgive me the little errors and other Q&A issues.

Walt Hamilton

Ari, Check this out.

I took Flammable and Explosives, dropped them into Paint.net, rotated them 45, cropped them to the color, imported them back into SL, and rotated them. The result is what you want. The quality may be terrible, but I only spent about 30 seconds doing it, so the principle is sound.

Ari Avivi


Local photoshop wizard showed me a simple Walts' process was for making it work.

1. import graphic into PS

2. remove background layer and rotate to square

3. crop to the image

4. save as PNG

5. after importing new image into SL, rotate image 45 degrees to return it to diagonal and voila it works perfectly

Thanks again Walt.