Drag and Drop Problems

Hello everyone!

I have a problem with a client.

They have a project with a drag and drop question. They want the user to drop 2 items in one target - the basket. Then, in the same question, they want the user to drop another 2 items and finally, another 2 objects.But, the client wants the user to be able to drop Only the two objects at a time. If they drop more orless, the system should display an error message until this rule is followed.

Please help : )

Thank you for your time!

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Susi B

Hi Polyna,

I´m not sure I understood what you want to do. Are there all 6 items shown at the same time and they should be put as pairs into the basket? There are many options how you can create this like using variables, but without seeing your quiz, it´s quite hard to say whats best for you. Could you share the slide with us?


Polyna Vladova

Susi B, sorry if i didn't make much sense, i have never done this type of thing before. Thank you Kamil for the file, it is very close to what we are trying to do. I hope the file i am sending now helps and is more clear. 

Second slide:

Instructions 1 - user moves only two items
Instructions 2 - user moves another 2 items
Instructions 3 - user moves final 2 items

We need a message every time the user moves a different number of items than allowed in the instructions.

Thank you for your help.