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May 25, 2022

Hello -

I cannot figure out why my Drag and Drop interaction isn't working correctly. I want to have the 12 Drag Items in a stack where they will be presented to the learner one at a time. If the drag item is not dropped on the correct drop target it goes back into the stack (preferably the bottom of the stack). I created this using a tutorial but I really don't want the red and green state changes if I don't have to have them for it to work.  I've attached my file. Thank you in advance for your help!


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Ron Price

Trying to get a clearer picture of what you are trying to accomplish.  The default behavior for drag and drops is to offer the feedback layers once everything has been dropped and you select SUBMIT. in your design it looks like you want to offer feedback after each drop.  Is that correct?

The state change is one way to give that feedback without hitting submit.  But they are easy enough to remove.  It also looks you have triggers to change the state to hidden when it is dropped correctly. Is that the design you want?

Having incorrect cards move to the bottom of the deck is not something you are probably going to be able to do.

Maria Costa-Stienstra


In addition to what Ron suggested, here are a couple of options you can look into:

Windows 10 (1) 2022-05-25 at 10.58.55 AM

  1. You can check this option (Delay item drop states until interaction is submitted) to avoid the red and green backgrounds on the cards.
  2. If you stack all the cards together, this checkbox (Reveal drag items one at a time) will only show a single one as the user moves through the interaction. 

Screen Recording 2022-05-25 at 11.02.08 AM

I hope this helps!

FSMTB Education

Thank you! Yeah, this is really more of a card sorting activity. I'm afraid that since there are only two answers (drop targets), if they see the red feedback they will just drop it on the other drop target without thinking about the answer.

I do want:

  • To offer feedback after each drop so if they keep getting the wrong answer they can get the information to refer back to a .pdf and try again. 
  • The card to disappear if they answer correctly.
  • When they answer incorrectly the card returns to the stack (I get that we can't get the incorrect cards back to the bottom of the stack).

I appreciate your help so much! Thank you!


FSMTB Education

Thank you! I changed it to show one card at a time.  Mine are not resetting if they get the answer wrong.

Additional Questions:

Why do we write the trigger on the Try Again layer and not the Base layer?

Are Drop Correct and Drop Incorrect tied to a state change or are they built in as part of a
Drag and Drop Freeform?

I appreciate your help so much!


Maria Costa-Stienstra


Mine are not resetting if they get the answer wrong.

I made a few minor changes to your project, and it seems to work better: 

  • one item was connected to the wrong path.
  • Changed the trigger to move the item when the user clicks "Try Again", instead of when the timeline reaches 0.1 seconds.
  • Changed the condition from item is not = Drop correct to item = Drop incorrect.

Why do we write the trigger on the Try Again layer and not the Base layer?

That is not a requirement. There are different ways to achieve the same objective in Storyline. Since the user reaches the Try Again layer when they incorrectly drop the item, adding the condition to that layer is easier. It also keeps the base layer from having too many triggers (easier to troubleshoot).

Are Drop Correct and Drop Incorrect tied to a state change or are they built in as part of a
Drag and Drop Freeform?

They are tied to Drag and Drop interactions. Take a look at the following article:

I'm attaching the edited project. Let me know if this works!

Miriam Larson

I have a multiple drag and drop quiz. The drag and drop interactions (2 of them) are on separate slides, and are preceded by a content review slide, and are followed by a third drag and drop that is slightly different. However, when I test it, if I get the first one right and try to get the second one wrong it says it is correct. I have checked everything I can think of to see what's wrong and can't figure out the problem. I did notice that the object of the "submit interaction" triggers that I'm using for each of these are all named the same (Drag and Drop) and I don't see any way of changing the name to insure that each slide's submitted interaction is unique. Please advise. I can send the file separately (privately) if you send me a link. 


Miriam Larson

Thank you! I just submitted the file!

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