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May 01, 2014

Hi everyone

Really I need your help. I need to calculate the result by choice and not by question in drag and drop questions. Is it possible? Can I do that? because in the quiz the score will be zero even if the pupil chooses three choices out of four correctly. the total score is 8 points and the passing score is 50% (4 points). In my quiz , there are four sentences and five main words and the pupils have to drag only one word to the correct sentence. Thanks

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Mike Taylor

Hi Rania! One way you could achieve this is to combine a basic MC question with some drag & drop actions.  

Basically I created a MC question which can easily be scored by answer. (It is hidden behind the chalkboard image.) Then I used a variable (which I  named "Score") to keep track of how many correct items that are dropped on the target.  Finally, I added some slide triggers to select the appropriate answer from the MC question objects. 

As you can see I used an image over top of the MC question objects so they can't  be seen  nor interacted with. 

This allows you to report the correct scoring via the results page without any scripting, etc etc. 

Also note that I haven't included any logic to account for removing items after they've been dropped on the target or other similar "error handling" which you may want to consider. 

I've attached my .story file for you to see. 

Rania Hamed

I'll try your solution. Thanks a lot for your help. But I 'd like to ask you when I publish my quiz on story online and I enable download off line I can't download it on my Ipad as the option itself (download off line in articulate when I open the quiz on my Ipad) isn't found.By the way I have a trial account on story online. May you help me ,please? I need to download this quiz on my pupils' Ipads. 

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