Disabling the submit button until all items are dragged onto a drop target

Hi, I have created a drag and drop quiz question.
I have seven drag items and two drop options.  Four items go to a tray and three items to a bin.
What is happening in testing is users are placing the correct items on the tray and not putting the items in the bin.  The feedback advises they are incorrect but the results slide is advising 100% because they placed the correct items on the tray. 

I do not want numerous attempts and I do not want the item to return to it's original place, I want the user to be able to get it incorrect.
How can I disable the submit button until all drag items have been dropped to any drop target.

I started to create triggers to enable the Submit button after each item has been dragged and dropped but it doesn’t work as it is. (see attachment).

Any assistance is appreciated.
Robyn :o)



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Walt Hamilton

It would be much easier to tell if you could attach your .story file. Just guessing from what you posted, you could set a T/F variable for each item that would be changed to true if its state was Dropped Correct OR Dropped incorrect. Then make Submit visible if all variables are True. If you show all the drop targets at once, and the user can drop them at random, you may have to write a trigger for each variable to make Submit visible when it is changed if all variables are True.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Aw, this response made me smile Robyn - that's what the community is all about!  If you're new to Storyline you may also want to look at bookmarking pages such as the Storyline tutorials here. 

Also, you can always upload the .story file or a sample file for us to take a look at as Walt mentioned. Let us know if you need anything else! 

Robyn Lambell

Thanks Ashley.  It was a very complicated resource that I was creating and I had to do a lot of things that I had never done before.
I have been using Storyline for quite a while now and I did the two day course but unfortunately was unable to do the third day where variables were covered.  So I'm an intermediate storyline user but beginner at variables.  I must try and find time to do some tutorials to get a better understanding of variables and what they mean. 
Thanks again.