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Thanks Wendy;

The states were an attempt to try something different to make it work.  Neither that nor anything else I did would make them go back.  The settings all seem correct do they not?


This was originally a submit interaction but i was getting grief about staff doing 20 drop and then just getting an incorrect layer with no feedback as to the error so I tried to change it to return to starting if drop incorrect.  It just will not take.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Tim

would you consider changing it from a D&D to another type of interaction where they have to click  9 items from the 20 that are PCP and then click a FINISH button which gives them immediate onscreen feedback by using states of the clicked items.  You could repeat this for the other two or create different interactions for them. 

Let me know if you want a couple of samples I have created

eLearning Development

Wendy and others;


I figured it out.  I remembered this morning that I have had a similar issue with drag and drops before where the setting in the top menu dont work but if you right click on the object and go to drag and drop you can change the setting there and it will work.  I selected all of the top objects as a group, right clicked and set drag return.  It works now.  I had a similar issue in another one where I could not set dropped objects to tile unless I did this.

Wendy, thank you for taking the time to try and help.


I would consider this a bug so I will try to remember to submit it when I get to work today.