Drag and Drop - Reveal drag items one at a time

Jul 11, 2017

I searched through the discussions and I did not see a post regarding an issue I am facing with the Drag and Drop Options - Reveal drag items one at a time. I recently built a Drag and Drop question in Storyline 360 and when I select "Reveal drag items one at a time." Only a few of the drag items appear. I have posted the question to Articulate Review (https://360.articulate.com/review/content/4e378e97-ea21-4d61-94c6-e4d5be2c6ee3/review). Unfortunately, I did not save the source file last night but I can recreate it if necessary.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

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Doris Chwist

So I do this for a living and I thought i would quickly convert our family storybook for Christmas morning to a storyline.  I cannot get the reveal one at a time to work.  Here is the file.  I have removed all non compatible symbols in element names,  I have changed from online to my hard drive. I have changed all the pages to simple jpegs.  I have removed animation though I have left transitions and triggers.  If you are online and can help, I sure would appreciate it. You would truly be my hero!  

Walt Hamilton


I'm not sure I trust the "When user clicks " trigger. You can drag an object without a click registering for it. So I changed those triggers.

The main problem is that the drop seems to quit working if the drag objects are set to show one at a time, and the navigation is transferred to another slide. On return, the drop actions seem not to function. Since everything works if the objects appear all at once, I suspect a bug.


The attached sample uses a different method of showing the ornaments, and seems to work. I hope it is in time for you, and Merry Christmas.