Drag and Drop revert to Normal state

I have a drag and drop interaction. The learner is given three possible statements (3 text boxes displayed along the right side of the screen). Only one of these is correct. The learner drags their choice to a callout shape on the slide, and then clicks Submit.

The text boxes in their starting positions are formatted differently than they are when dropped on the callout box. This is done via a second state for each of the text objects.

This works beautifully. However, when the learner changes his/her mind prior to clicking Submit, and drags a different text box to the callout target, the first text box returns to its original position but not its original state.

How do I get the text objects return to their original state when they return to their original position?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Elizabeth

try putting a hotspot or shape (solid fill 100% transparency) under the drag item on the left and set a trigger to change state of drag item 1 to normal when it is dropped on the hotspot or shape. The hotspot should be below the drag item.

if that doesn't work perhaps share the slide so people can work with your specific file setup.

Elizabeth Rogers

Hi Wendy,

I tried that, but it doesn't seem to work unless the learner physically drags and drops the object back to the hotspot area. When the object automatically returns (because another object was dragged to the target), the state doesn't change back.

I'll genericize and share as soon as I am able!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Liz 

see if the attached works for you.  Smoke and mirrors - lol

I duplicated your slide and added 3 states to the caption. I then added triggers for each situation. You'll need to tweak the font sizing I just dumped text in.


Hope this helps