Drag and Drop activity - Snap back Question

Jun 03, 2019

I am trying to create a Drag and Drop activity where there are 3 buckets.  When the user drags and drops a text box into each of the three buckets, clicks Submit -  and then gets it wrong, I would like the three text boxes to snap back to their original positions after clicking Submit  so the user can start again. When I selected the "Snap to Center" option, each text box snaps back when dropped in the wrong bucket, but I want to wait for all 3 text boxes to be dropped in the buckets first and when the user clicks Submit, then all 3 text boxes can snap back to original position. Which option would do this in Storyline 360? 

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Nina,

In the attached example, I have renamed the Continue button on the incorrect layer to Retry. When this button is clicked, the user is jumped back to the Drag and Drop slide, which is set to Reset to Initial State when revisited. As a result, the slide resets itself when the user clicks the retry button and the text boxes are returned to their original position ready for the user to have another go.

Even although the Drag and Drop slide is already open when the user finishes with the incorrect layer, the process of jumping back to it is what enables it to be reset.

Hope this helps.

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