Dragged objects won't snap to target

Hi all: 

I've got a simple drag and drop interaction: four drag objects (text boxes bordered and filled with white at 100% transparency) and a stock photo as the designated target. Three of the four should snap to the target one atop the previous so they are readable; the fourth should not snap to the target, but should return to its original position. That drag object has (None) as its drop target. Drag Item Options are set to Return item to start point if dropped outside any drop target. I've set the Drop Target Option to Tile, Stack Random, Stack Offset, and Free, with no change in the behavior of the drag objects: they all (including the wrong choice) snap to the top of the stock photo on top of each other so they are unreadable. 


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I can't open your file as I am on a prior version. However, I think I've run in to this before and solved it by putting a drop target off slide for the object I wanted to always return to it's starting point. In other words, give it a correct drag location that is impossible for the user to drag it to.

Lerissa Patrick

Thanks, Owen, but ... that didn't work, either. 

No matter what I do, the behavior of the D&D doesn't change. Maybe I should scrap it and start over? 

To recap, there are two problems: (1) All drag objects attach themselves to the (one large) drop target, whether they are supposed to or not, and (2) The drag objects sit on top of each other once dropped, making them unreadable. 

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