Drag and Drop slide not resetting properly

Feb 26, 2024

Good morning,

I've created the attached Storyline 360 slide and set it up so that you have to drag and drop the correct answers to the "house". What I am trying to accomplish is for wrong answers to go to the Retry slide, the choices on the base layer should then reset to the original location, once they have retried twice, they should get the Incorrect slide.

The base layer is set to reset to it's initial state on revisit. This allows all the items to return to the original positions, but the attemptcounter doesn't count because it is resetting the slide, therefore the student gets unlimited tries and can't bypass until they get it.

If I don't set it to reset to its' initial state, the counter works but the items don't return to their original location.  

I have been working with this all day (as have my colleagues) and no matter what we think of, nothing is working.  It seems like maybe we are just missing something simple, as we can't be the only ones that need this.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


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