Drag and drop tiling


I am using SL3. I'm using a freeform drag and drop interaction. The images are set to appear one-by-one, and change state when clicked on, and when dragged over. Note that the setting is to allow more one at a time, and snap items to drop target.

The images should just find themselves sitting in their respective areas when dropped – and they do when set to stacking Random, Offset, Center and Free. What is NOT working is TILE. The images are being thrown out of the drop zones when another item appears and they are appearing randomly at the base of the screen.  Again, note that more than one item is allowed. 

Any help very much appreciated.


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David Love

Hi Wendy, there is one other issue with this, and I would be keen to find a solution. When the user clicks on and drags an image, it is supposed to change its state, and stay that way. What’s happening is that some of the images when moving around in random locations pop back to the original size, some stay that way, and some toggle between states. It’s really a problem and it all misbehaved with a client... not great I can tell you. 😩

Crystal Horn

Hi David.  I noticed the same strange behavior, and more.  The images would resize and even seem to scroll the slide after hovering over a drop zone that already had an image in it.

I'm going to document this behavior for our team.  I'm not sure what the root cause is, but if you can leverage a workaround (such as changing the stacking behavior or using a different interaction type) without too much work, that's my recommendation for now.  Sorry for the trouble here!

I'll keep you in the loop on any other potential workarounds or fixes.