Drag and drop with multiple correct answers

Sep 28, 2012

Hi everyone

I need some help with this one as I'm stuck (sad face)

In this question the students are going to drag the electrodes in the top left corner, down onto the green circles on the upper body. The green circles will be invisible to the students, but they will snap to them when dropped over it.

The task here is to simply drag the electrodes to any green circles. When the electrodes are placed, the student is given 10 poins.

Anyone have any ideas on how to solve this?

And have a nice weekend 

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Annie Jean

Hi Morten,

What I have done is use a True/False question covered by the background or anything else.

I have use a custom state to my star shapes to look at when they are dropped on a target.

Right now my custom states have a checkmark but you don't need them if you don't want people to have feedback as soon as the drop the object. This was meant to help my look at the behaviour.

On the submit button, I have added triggers to change the True/False answer in accordance with the stars' states.

The order of the triggers is very important since you want the state of the True/False radio button to change before submitting the interaction.

Hope it helps and hope it is clear. Don't hesitate if you need further information, it is a pleasure.

Have a nice day!


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