Rotate all circle after clicking on one circle

Sep 15, 2021

I want to create one animation in articulate storyline. there are four circles. I have attached image.  When I click on circle A it will show the paragraph for A and its audio starts. When timeline reaches to the particular seconds it will rotate  and color changes to Green as green indicates Active circle. User can click on any circle any time. The clickable circle is the active circle.

I am confused how to use circle motion path for this. how  and when to change states for the circle.

Please help me.

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Peter Fitzgerald

Are you looking to make the circles move around a point in the center of the slide or spin in place?

I've gone ahead and attached a file showing 3 different ways to achieve the latter.

Circle A is a 1px X 1px circle motion path with the "Orient Shape to Path" option enabled. This method is the easiest to implement and trigger but you'll notice a slight wobble to the spin.

Circle B uses the Spin entrance animation. When the button is clicked, a separate layer is revealed, showing an identical version of the shape. It is set with a 2-second spin entrance animation. The entire layer then hides after 2 seconds. 

Circle C has a custom state called "spin." This state includes a copy of the shape that is set with the same 2-second entrance as circle B. The drawback here is that it will only work once. The slide will have to be reset before you can spin the shape a second time. 

Could you upload a copy of the .story file?