Button Set States colour change from Select to Visited not working on one button only

Mar 13, 2020

Hi there

First my apologies I have attached my full file.  I did a copy and paste of my one slide in a new project and it just won't preview...so anyway, On slide 3.11, 4.3 and 5.5 (because I duplicated 3.11 to have the same look for each lift section), My first button is going straight to visited when selected.  But my other two are acting correctly.  When I click they stay orange but have small green circle to show this is the active one, after you move off it gets the green checkmark.  But the first button goes straight to grey.  I tried deleting it and rebuilding but didn't work, I sense it will be something simple that I just forgot as I have done this many times before without issue from selected to visited.  If you look at slide 1.4 it works fine...

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