Drag and drop with state change not working

May 13, 2020

Hi all! 

 I've got a freeform drag and drop slide set up with a chart graphic on the right side, chart area names on the left. The directions tell the learner  to drag and drop the different chart area names onto the chart where they belong.  I wanted to leave the text box horizontal for the learner to read, but change the text box to vertical when dropped to make them fit best. I set up states and triggers for each object to do this when dropped over each area.  The only two drag and drop options I have checked are  return any item to starting point if dropped outside of any drop target and allow only one item in each drop target.  I also made my drop boxes smaller so they wouldn't come close to overlapping.  the trigger logic is simple as well, along the lines of "change the state of X to "rotate" (custom state) when object is dropped on dropA,B,C, etc.  When I preview, I'm getting very odd behavior, anything from items disappearing to items being dropped on one spot only to appear somewhere else. Obviously something is clashing somewhere.   has anyone else tried to do something similar and been successful? 

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Ren Gomez

Hi Becky,

Thanks for reaching out! It may be how your drop states are placed in relation to your Normal state.

In creating this example below, I had to copy over the Normal state (blue) object to my Drop Correct/Drop Incorrect states to ensure I had the other objects aligned correctly. I removed it once I was satisfied.

I also checked to see that the Drag and Drop options were snapping the drag item to the center of the drop target. Take a look at this sample file and see if it helps!

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