Drag and Drop with T/F variable


I'm working on a drag and drop quiz.  The premise is that there are (4) file cabinets (hot spots) with 9 "files" that must be dragged into the files.  (Some files have more than one file to which it is assigned.)

Here's what I'd like to do and am having difficulties:

- I have set 9 variables with a T/F value (initial value is F - value changes to T when learner clicks on the object to drag)

- I have a lightbox slide that will show if the learner tries to click "submit" before dragging all 9 files

- I don't want the learner to be able to click "submit" before they have dragged all 9 files

- I also don't want the learner's interaction to be "penalized" for clicking "submit" before submitting all 9 files (in other words, I don't want them to see the "try again" layer until they've submitted all 9 files).


Problem:  even after the learner clicks all 9 files, the lightbox still displays.  There is no way I can get the "submit" button to work properly.


Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong / what I should do to make this work?  Thanks!



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Judy! Thanks for sharing your file! Leslie is out of the office today, so in order to get you the technical assistance you need as quickly as possible, I'd like to recommend that you submit a case with our Support Engineers via this form. And if you'd like to stop back in with your case number, we will gladly follow along with their progress! :)

Walt Hamilton

I couldn't find a lightbox slide, so I just made my own suggestions to your sample.

The attached file shows a layer if the user has not dropped all 9 items. I prefer dropped to clicked on, because the user may change their mind and drag an item off the hotspot. For the same reason, I set the sample so it only counts items that are dropped on a hotspot, and shows a layer if there are less than 9. To keep the count accurate in the event of the user changing their mind, I included rectangle1 to track that. I used a rectangle rather than a hotspot because I prefer the flexibility rectangles give me. To use it, you will need to hide it by making its fill 100% transparent (Do not set it to No Fill), or placing a hotspot in its place (if you prefer hotspots).