Drag&Drop - Change the color of the box after everything is set in the correct position.

Mar 11, 2015


I'm trying to find a way that somehow after I drag all the texts from the right in the blue boxes, that it will light up to green the boxes where I put the correct answers.


I apreciate in advance your help.

Here you have the example of what I'm trying to do. example


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Timotei Redis


Thanks for your response. What kind of Drag&Drop interaction (free form or that one when you need to use triggers) did you use? I'm kind of new to this software and I tried to replicate what you did but I think the problem why is not doing anything is that somehow when I click to select an interaction it shows only yours (Drag and Drop1). And maybe your kind of interaction is not the same with what I have in my project. Don't really understand. Maybe you can help me. 

P.S. I imported your example so I could try to re-create what you did. Maybe is important to you. 


Timotei Redis

Hi Steven, 

Yes, of course. I attached here my file so you can take a look. I would also like (you'll see another layer there), if it's possible somehow, that after I put all the things in place to get to the next layer where it should show to the user the correct answers in order and with green the one the user picked up. I hope you understood what I'm saying. :) 

I'll wait for your response. Thanks.

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