How to create Accessible Drag and Drop and Text Entry with points awarded all on one slide in Storyline 3?

Dec 22, 2017

Hi All!

I've just started to learn Articulate Storyline  3 and need to create an accessible drag and drop slide that also allows text entry. Attached is a Storyline 3 file where:

  • Slide 1.1 successfully works for drag and drop (Awards 10 p0ints & Displays Correct layer)
  • Slide 1.2 successfully works for text entry (Awards 10 p0ints & Displays Correct layer)
  • Slide 1.3 successfully works for drag and drop even though the drag and drop boxes are underneath the text entry boxes (Awards 10 p0ints & Displays Correct layer)
  • Slide 1.3 does not successfully work for text entry (Awards 10 p0ints but displays Incorrect layer when all text boxes are correct)

Does anyone know how I can make the Correct layer display when text entry is correct for all text boxes on Slide 1.3?

The correct answers on the slide for both drag and drop and text entry are from left to right:

  • heart failure or congestive heart failure for the first 2 boxes
  • digoxin or digitalis for the next 2 boxes
  • angiotensin-converting inhibitor, ace inhibitor or beta blockers for the next 3 boxes
  • drug therapy or treatment outcome for the last two boxes

The SME changed the order of the boxes and I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to renumber the boxes. The current order as it stands now for the boxes is:

  • Box 1; Box 2
  • Box 6; Box 7
  • Box 3; Box 4; Box 5
  • Box 8; Box 9

The Tab order is not set yet, so please click on a box to enter text.

Thank you!


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Kai

you can't have 'AND' and 'OR' conditions in the same trigger.

So, I created 9 offstage ovals - one for each text variable field. Added a visited state to the oval.

Set a trigger to change oval 1 to visited when user clicks submit button if text field 1 is equal to congestive heart failure or heart failure.

Did this for the next 8 text fields matching them to the offstage ovals. 

The trigger to change state of correct button to 'selected' is now based on the visited state of the nine ovals.  

See it here in action and your updated file is attached - hope this helps or gives you an idea.

PS>  Sorry about the cricket commentary in the background of the video - I'm in Australia and the Boxing Day test is on TV.


Kai Donovan

Hi Wendy!

Thanks so much for responding to my message so quickly! I just returned from a week long holiday break so sorry for the delay in my response.

I also really appreciate all of the work you did in updating my file with triggers that work! Thanks so much for all of your help with this. I have not used visited states before so I'm excited to learn a new Articulate trigger pattern.

I watched a YouTube video where "AND" and "OR" conditions were used in the same trigger so I thought it was possible but, I couldn't get it to work on slide 1.3.

Thanks again for all of your help, Wendy! I'm so thankful for the E-Learning Heroes website and support and all of the fantastic users who help each other!!

 - Kai



Kai Donovan

Hi Wendy!

Here's a video showing drag and drop working first and text entry working second on the same slide and still awarding points.

I also show in the middle of the video how the text entry boxes cover the drag and drop boxes but both still work if the user only uses one or the other and does not mix dragging and dropping and text entry.

Plus, I show the list of triggers on the side at the end of the video.



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