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Jul 15, 2023

I have a drag and drop interaction that I also made into a click and drop interaction for accessibility reasons. When the user clicks on an object and clicks on a target, and it is not the correct target, the state of an images changes (along w text and audio) to let them know and the object does not move. If they select the right target, the object moves onto the target. It also functions as a drag and drop but the drag and drop portion isnt working as the click and "drop" function does. The first time I drop the object into the target, it snaps it back to its original location, but the second time I drag it to the incorrect object, it allows it to be dropped on that target. I am using a freeform quiz for this to work as the drag and drop would not allow for me to make it into a click and drop. I wonder if anyone would know why this is happening. File is attached.

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Walt Hamilton

In the click and drop, the object does not move to the target unless it is the correct target, so it doesn't have to get moved back. When the object is dragged, if it drops on the wrong target, it has to get moved back.

The moving back is done when the timeline on the reset layer starts, but the reset layer is never hidden, so the successive times it doesn't restart, because it is already showing. No start of the timeline, no moving objects back.

Set the timeline of the reset layer to 2 seconds (anything longer than 1.7, the length of the audio). In its properties, set it to hide when its timeline ends, and set it to reset to initial condition on revisit.

Shawna Gigs

Thank you! That works for the drag and drop, but creates a problem with the click and drop. Now when I click and drop on the correct target, the object shows on the correct target until the user clicks and drop an object on the incorrect target and then the object that was on the correct target snaps back. Before it would stay on the correct target. That is the desired effect. Do you know how I would keep that effect?

Indrani Sen



Hello Friends,

I am experiencing the following issues with this Drag & Drop Interaction:


  • For your reference, the first and the fourth answers are ‘No: and the second and third answers are ‘yes’.

Here are the problems:

  • The button states (to green) do not change when users get the correct answer. Only the first ’No’ button does.
  • The review button does not work. I do not see the green tick mark. I had to manually do it.
  • Also, the buttons corresponding to each set of questions can be dragged to other questions. This is something I do not like. For example, the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ buttons of Question # 1, can be only dropped to QUESTION 1. How can I fix it?


Any solution to the above problems, and to make this project elegant will be very much appreciated.

Thanks so much!







Steven Benassi

Hi Indrani!

It sounds like you've run into some issues with the Drag & Drop interaction from your Storyline course.

I see that you've already opened a support case and connected with my colleague Darrell. Great move! It looks like Darrell is performing some tests with your file and should be reaching back out to you shortly with some feedback.

We'll continue this conversation in your support case to keep all information in one spot!