Drag Drop correct showing incorrect when reviewed

I have a drag drop question that provides “Correct” feedback when answered correctly. When you review the questions after completing the quiz from the Results page, it shows “Incorrect” banner across the bottom. Does anyone know what would be causing this and how to fix it? The file is attached. I have marked the correct items for the blue bin with a blue border for testing purposes.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Cheryl,

You'll want to change the revisiting properties for your question slide from "reset to initial state" to "resume saved state" and then the review will work as expected and show the correct banner. Currently it's acting as if the user hasn't provided the correct answer and therefore showing the review as incorrect.

Hope that helps!

Cheryl Theis

Thank you that fixed that problem. Now I have run into another one.

If you do not answer the question correctly, the Submit button is not working. Its like somewhere I have it set to 'do not submit if not correct.' Any ideas?

Sorry, this is the first time I tried to use this type of question.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Cheryl,

I've been testing your course this afternoon and see the behavior you described, but I can't pinpoint something that has caused it. I'm not seeing the behavior when setting up a new drag and drop story. I also tried importing your file into a new Storyline project to resolve any odd behavior and removing all your triggers besides the submit trigger and the behavior persisted on your file. I'd like to know more about how you set this up and ensure you're following along with these guidelines for working on your Storyline files:

Could you let us know if you're able to recreate this behavior on a brand new file after ensuring you're working on your local drive as mentioned?

Cheryl Theis

I worked with Cleo in Articulate Support and a solution was found. I did have to create a new Result page after doing the fix. Below is the fix:

To address the issue with the submit button not working, please do the following:

1) Go inside the Question Bank and edit the Drag and drop question by selecting "Edit Drag and Drop".

2) Select Feedback and set it to "None, then set it back again to "By Question.

3) Select Score and set it to "None", then set it bak to "By Question".

4) Select Save & Close, then republish and test.

I hope this helps others who run into the same problem.