Drag & Drop Feedback Dilemma

Jun 21, 2016

Greetings Heroes:

I have a dilemma that's holding up the completion of my course. I created a drag & drop interaction. There is one target box and three options (1-correct option, 1 semi-correct option and 1-totally incorrect option). I want the learner to drag their answer choice to the target shape and then click submit. Then, based on their answer choice I want a particular layer to show for feedback...so there are three feedback layers...SEE screenshot below!

The problem is I do not know how to wok around the built in correct an incorrect feedback options.  And the question doesn't need to be scored because the learner's answer choice will dictate which question they receive next. HHEEEELLLLPPPPP

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S. Yu

You're on the right track! Have you deleted all of the other triggers? Is the submit interaction still active even with no other triggers? 

Also, since you do not need this interaction tracked, it might be easier to use a blank slide than a quiz slide. Then you do not have to deal with the pre-built quiz functions. 

Erinn Daniels

Yes, I deleted all the triggers. Yes, the submit interaction is still active even with no triggers. The submit interaction appeared when I converted my slide to a free-form drag and drop.


So, I just created three customized layers for each answer choice.  So after the user clicks submit, it' supposed to show a different layer. But, that didn't happen. The same feedback layer is showing for all three answer choices!!!

S. Yu

Thanks! So technically, what your triggers are doing is every time the user clicks the Submit button, it is going through ALL 3 layers and it stops with the last one, which is why you see Wrong every time. What you need is a way to distinguish between each trigger.

I need a moment to think about how to do that (there are multiple ways) but wanted to let you know this first so you can try out some of your ideas. Does that  make sense? 

S. Yu

Here's an idea! On a new blank slide (non-quiz), I've created a "Drop Correct" state for each of the answer options. Then, I created drop triggers. When the user drops the object onto the target, the feedback shows up. You might play around with it to make it work more smoothly. You may discover a better way to do it. Hope this gets you onto the next step. :) 

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