Drag & Drop: Inbox

Hi! I'm using the Drag & Drop Inbox template. I would like the answers to return back to the bottom of the page if they are placed into the wrong file. I've used this functionality before, but it does not appear to be working now. In the Drag & Drop Options, I currently have the box checked to "Return item to start point if dropped outside a correct drop target." Is there something that I'm missing?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for sharing your file here. It looks to be because you're using grouped objects as your drop target and that can cause difficulty for such things as the built in drag and drop triggers. I'd look instead at ungrouping them and setting the largest item to be the "drop target" so that you can ensure it picks up wherever the user drops it. 

Richard Karel

Hi Jamie, I looked through the copy of the file and found the same issue that Ashley found above. I re-created your drop targets as PNGs instead of grouped images and found only one of the drag items behaved correctly ("Building Reloc Plans").  I created another Convert to Free Form drag/drop on a separate slide with the same objects and got the same behavior from the drag items. I then created a new drag/drop on a third slide and it works fine (see attached). All three drag/drop activities have the same settings as your original, so I believe there's an issue with your original drag items being corrupted in some way.