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This is my scenerio:

Q : Choose the combination that will change the text to BOLD in MS Word







Right combination is Ctrl + B

At right hand side, I have shown a text (put it in a rectangular hotspot) which I want to be converted to bold when right combination is dropped over it. How can I do it? I am using a trigger but it is converting the text to bold even when I am just selecting Ctrl or B. I want it to be turned to bold only when both are selected.

Also when I am reviewing my quiz it is not showing me right combination of options that I should have dragged for the right answer. How can I resolve it?

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Susi B
Rachna Ghiya

I should have dragged for the right answer

So you have a drag and drop or a multiple choice quiz here?

Your trigger for multiple choice should be "when state of ctrl and b is selected then state of text changes to bold". And your text has the state bold where its bold.

Or could you maybe share this slide with us so we can have a look?

Showing the right answers when reviewing is a result slide setting you can select or deselect. You should have a look in there if its enabled or not.

Rachna Ghiya

I made drag & drop here. I have made the state as bold. But I am not sure how can I make the combination of two options (Ctrl & B) to change the state. Right now even when I am pressing just Ctrl or just B then also it is changing the state. I want it to happen on the combination of both. Want it to be done using drag & drop & not multi choice.

It is showing right answers for other questions but I have problem with this only. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rachna,

If you're able to share a copy of your .story file here with folks that may also help as we can see your set up and make modifications based on what you've already got. You can post it in the forums using the "add attachment" button that you'll find at the bottom of the forum response. 

Rachna Ghiya

Thanks Wendy, this works. But I have two more problems. Right now the state of text also changes even when I drop incorrect options (like even when I drop shift, ctrl and b). Is there a way wherein I can make sure that it only works when I drop this combination - ctrl & B & it changes back to not bold when I add any other option?

Also during the review stage, it is not showing me correct answer. How can I resolve this?