Drag drop 'return point' wrong

Jul 27, 2022

I have a drag and drop interaction where the drag object is set to return to its start point when it's released anywhere other than a drop target.

However, it's returning to a point some distance above where it actually started.

Video demo attached - I've put a red box around the start point just to make it clear where it started and where it should return to. 

This is a rebuild of a course I made a long time ago, and the old version doesn't act like this - there are no differences in the setup. I duplicate the slide and change out the drag object image and correct drop target, and every one pings back to the wrong place.

Has anyone had the same problem? There's no settings for 'return item to 40px above start point'!



(The red 'target' circles on the 'down' state of the drag object is just to make it clear to users which part has to be over the drop targets)

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Erin Sadler
Walt Hamilton

Since Delay drop states is not selected, I would look first at the Drop Incorrect state to ensure that that state has its origin at 0,0 and not Y = -40.

Ah good thinking! But the drop items only have a Down state and not drop states - would have been a good place to look though thank you!