Drag & Drop tile option not working

I am practicing the "Practice Activity: Create a Drag-and-Drop Interaction Using Convert to Freeform" and I selected "tile" from Drop Target Options, under Drag & Drop option. Aditionally I have set a hotspot to be my drop target for all drag items. Though all my drag items all line up vertically to one side of the hotspot, rather than tiling in entire hotspot. I have attached a word doc with sreen shots to support my issue.


Thank you.



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Nick Lupton

Hi Bilal,

The objects will tile in that way if the 'correct' hotspot is not large enough to accommodate them.  Have you explored the other options?  The 'free' option would avoid them stacking over one another.  

If you would like the object to tile within the object (box), try increasing the size of the box and hotspot or reduce the size of the objects (equipment).