Drag items are not appearing in freeform slide

Jun 27, 2018


We have a big problem about drag items in freeform slide. With shuffle option the drag items are not appearing on HTML5 output. When making it not shuffle drag items appear but of course I want to shuffle answers.

If we look at the output in flash mode drag items dont snap to dropped items.

Any suggestion or solution?


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Susi B

Hi Alper,

thanks for uploading your slide. I have some advices you may Need for this.

1. Working with groups in a D&D is not really working correctly in SL, so the best way would be to build 1 item. in Your case you are using multiple pictures and a textfield. So could you build the drag item already as only 1 picture? Could you add the text in the picture? If not you should add the text into the state of the picture, so it´s still only 1 item.

2. Your drop item is smaller than your drag item, thats why it doesn´t align perfectly, you have to make the drag and drop item the same size, so it´s alligning in the center correctly. Also it´s a picture but empty, so why don´t you use a rectangle created in storyline and make this transparent? This could work better, too.

I changed the drop items to the size of the drag items and made a test output, which is working fine with the shuffle mode for me. See attached files. Maybe this already helps a little. I tested it locally with Edge and IE (version 11.492.16299.0 - updateversion 11.0.70) output html5 only.



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