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Sep 13, 2020


I am trying to create a situation where students can fill in the blanks by dragging & dropping answers from a table of more choices than there are blanks (I have 10 blanks & 17 possible answers)

I have come across the following situations that I have failed to find an all round solution for: (the text is in Arabic, so I will try to explain to the best of my ability)

1) In my file, attached here, I have 10 blanks with 17 possible answers , 13 of which are visible and 4 of which are repeated. Since some blanks have the same answers, I have created more than one drag item with the same text layered on top of each other to appear as one choice in the top table of drag items.(eg. Drag 1 can be dropped in either Drop 1 or Drop 4 and Drag 4 can be dropped in either & Drag 1 or Drag 4) I need the student to be able to drop either one of the correct drag items into the corresponding drop targets interchangeably. 

2) I had used the Pick-one free form quiz with triggers to achieve the above scenario. Yet, I am at a loss as to what to do with the remaining incorrect drag items that have no possible drop targets. Is it still possible to give the students the ability to drag and drop the remaining incorrect choices into the blanks ?

3) The way it's currently set up , the incorrect drag items get snapped back when I try to drop them onto the incorrect targets. This scenario makes it obvious to the student that he has picked the wrong choice.

4) Finally, no matter what scenario I try, when I click the Submit button on preview, I always get the Invalid answer layer asking me to complete the question before submitting. I'm sure I must have missed a few steps , but for the life of me I cannot see it.

My goal in this set up was to try to emulate the way exercises appear in the textbook as much as possible.

Any advice as to how to proceed would greatly be appreciated. Thank you!

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Walt Hamilton


To answer your questions:

1. You have found the best answer for this one, which is using a pick-one quiz.

2. Wendy's story will show you how to handle this. Basically, if you give an object a drag trigger, it is draggable.

3. Notice that in Wendy's file, all the drag objects have a Drop Correct state that is a duplicate of their Normal state. That prevents the student from seeing a change that would give them a clue as to the correctness of their answer.

4. To prevent the "You must answer ..." error message, either the "C" object, or the "I" object must be in the selected state when the submit button is clicked. See the below picture taken of Wendy's triggers. Triggers 2 and 3 insure that one or the other is in its selected state. I'm afraid Wendy may have been in a hurry when she made this, because the triggers are out of order. ( :) love you, Wendy ) If it is submitted before the state of C or I is set, it will think you have not answered.  So trigger 1 needs to be moved to below triggers 2 and 3.


Maggie Amin

Hello Everyone, 

First off I would like to thank you all, I really appreciate you taking the time to respond! :)

I apologize for not being able to follow up sooner, too many things happening all at once :(

I have tried to follow your suggestion Wendy, and I believe I'm on the right track and it really helped me see this more clearly so thank you !

I have attached another story file. I tried to clean it up a bit to make it easier to understand what I am aiming for by following Wendy's story and renaming all the buttons and drag & drop items to help get over the language barrier.

Although I had followed Walt's suggestion of reordering the triggers when submitting, I still get the "You must complete the question before submitting." message at every turn :(

Also, is there any way I could make it that only one drop item is allowed in each target?

Thanks again !

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Maggie,

Thanks for sharing the additional details and your .story file so that we could take a look.

It looks like you've got it, but one small change of the trigger order and attempts fix this right up:

If you move this trigger down, so that the 'Correct' and 'Incorrect' items can be selected as needed to mark the question Correct/Incorrect as needed.

In addition, the attempts were set to Unlimited, and with no Try Again layer, the user will get no message when getting the content incorrect.

Take a look at your updated slide in the attachment. 

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