Drag Return is not working

In drag and drop interactivity, when I show the layer using trigger on "drop incorrect" then drag object is not returning to its original position. If I remove that trigger then its working. 

Also my main issue is that I have to show the drop correct and incorrect feedback after each of the item drop, but I want to use layers only, and if item drag on incorrect target it should show the incorrect layer and return to the original position.

Thanks in advance. 

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Sandra Stocks

I'm encountering a similar issue. 

I've got a question about triggers interfering with the drag and drop that Phil mentioned. 

Does this only apply to objects that are part of the drag and drop interaction, or does it also apply to any other object on the slide. 

For example, I have a close captioning button on the slide as well that has a trigger on it to show a CC layer. Would this object interfere with the drag return?


Thanks a bunch