Drag-and-drop snap back after feedback

Aug 23, 2023


I'm working on a drag and drop interaction where I'm not worried about the learner "getting it correct", I just want to give feedback about each possible item they drag - right or wrong. 

So, I created a drag-and-drop activity where I set it up to pop up a feedback layer that is unique for each item dragged into the drop zone. I set it to return items to their starting place if they are dropped outside of the correct drop zone. 

But what's happening is the incorrect responses are showing the feedback layer (good) and then the item stays in the drop zone even though it's incorrect (bad).

I tried adding a motion path trigger to take it back to the original spot, but it's awkward because if they drop it a place other than where the motion path begins, the movement looks awkward. 

Any advice on having a feedback layer AND getting wrong drops to return to their starting place?  

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