Drag Target - Bug

May 19, 2022

In my course, I have 4 questions that act as a fill-in-the-blank drag-and-drop interaction. I have each question timed during the video and drop targets shown only during that time.

The drag and drop interaction still recognizes the existence of the drop target even when it is not active in the timeline. I have attempted to set the state of the drop target to disabled and hidden to work around this bug but to no avail. 

What other options do I have? I have already tried to spread out my drag targets so users will be less likely to miss-drop the object on the wrong target, but I am running out of space and there will always be someone to drop it outside of the target area and experience the issue of a miss-dropped object.

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Walt Hamilton

I think you could probably cover the target, and uncover it only at the time you want it active. Create a shape that covers the entire target with no outline. It must be filled and the transparency set to > 95%. It will keep the drag item from finding the target if it covers all the target, and maybe a little more. Then make it hidden when you want the target to be active. If that doesn't work, you may have to move the cover off the slide.