Drap and Drop (Replace)

I'm working on a drag and drop activity for putting a process of hand washing into the correct order. I saw an example recently where the student drags and drops the step into the correct order and the "old" image swaps to the old spot.  Example: step 8 is dragged to step 1 spot and the image in step 1 moves to step 8. They continue to shuffle until the student hits submit.  Any suggestions on how to accomplish this? I'm using SL2.

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D Copenhaver

Hi Ashley, Thanks for the reply.

I haven't created anything in SL2 yet.  I was working on the images when I realized this might not work in SL. The link I found above seems to suggest you cannot get images to move as a sequence similar to text on a drag and drop question.  I decided to reformat it differently.